We present as follows the awards offered by Sao Paulo International Short Film Festival – Curta Kinoforum and its partners to the films exhibited in our programs in 2021.

The winners are selected by specialized juries and also by the Festival's audience, that chooses their favorite films from those submitted and presented in the programs.

The ten Brazilian films and the ten foreign films with the highest vote are announced at the award ceremony in alphabetical order and re-exhibited during the last weekend of the Festival.

10+Brazilian films

Scenes from Childhood (Brazil-RJ), by Kimberly Palermo

August sky (Brazil-SP), by Jasmin Tenucci

How to breath out of water (Brazil-SP), by Júlia Fávero and Victoria Negreiros

She fights (Brazil-SP), by Luiza Giuliani

Gilson (Brazil-SP), by Vitoria di Bonesso

Hawalari (Brazil-GO), by Cássio Domingos

Saucy Toinha (Brazil-RJ), by Sérgio Bloch

Pandelivery (Brazil-SP), by Guimel Salgado and Antonio Silva Matos

Under the heavens (Brazil-AM/USA), de Gustavo Milan

We will be heard (Brazil-PR), de Larissa Nepomuceno Moreira


10+Foreign films

Motorcyclist's happiness won't fit into his suit (Mexico), by Gabriel Herrera

Inside (France), by Yann Chapotel

Dustin (France), by Naïla Guiguet

Hide (France/Canada/Hungary), by Daniel Gray

Grab them (Sweden), by Morgane Dziurla-Petit

Night bus (Taiwan), by Joe Hsieh

The guests (Chile), by Valentina Arango

Nestling (Russia), by Marat Narimanov

Jam (Ireland), by Brendan Canty

A summer place (Greece, France, Cyprus), by Alexandra Matheou

The Breakthrough Award aims to encourage young Brazilian audiovisual talents in their next production, from recording to the completion of a short film of up to 15 minutes. For this, the Festival establishes partnerships with companies in the sector, which appoint a jury of journalists and critics and offer technical resources for this new venture.

The film directors of Brazilian short films made in cinema or audiovisual courses exhibited at Competitive Showcase and Brazilian Showcase compete for the Breakthrough Award. The selection also takes into account a script of up to 3 pages sent by the filmmakers, exposing the argument/script for their next project.

The short film made possible by the Breakthrough Award is committed to premiering at the 33rd São Paulo International Short Film Festival.

The chosen film in 2021 is Scenes from childhood (Brazil-RJ), by Kimberly Palermo.

Jury of Breakthrough Award

Know the films acquired by our partner channels and platforms:

Canal Brasil of Short Films Prize

Pandelivery (Brazil-SP), by Guimel Salgado and Antonio Silva Matos

SescTV Prize

Gilson (Brazil-SP), by Vitoria di Bonesso

Breaking ground (Rwanda), by Inès Girihirwe

Porta Curtas / Tamanduá Prize

It was a time of poetry (Brazil-CE), by Petrus Cariry

Acess (Brazil-SP), by Julia Leite

Cardume Prize

5 Ribbons (Brazil-BA), by Heraldo de Deus and Vilma Carla Martins

Gilson (Brazil-SP), by Vitoria di Bonesso

Have you ever tried to look into my eyes?, de (Brasil-PR), de Tiago Felipe 

The São Paulo International Short Film Festival – Curta Kinoforum offers a prize for the best Brazilian short film. The competing films are part of the Brazilian Competition programs.

The selection will be made by the Brazilian Competition official jury and the winner will receive the Kinoforum trophy and a cash prize of R$5,000. The winning film in 2021 is Republic (Brazil-SP), by Grace Passô. An Honorable Mention was won by the film 4 Billions Infinites (Brazil-MG), by Marco Antonio Pereira.

Jury of Brazilian Competition


Know the films awarded with trophies and highlights from our partners:

LGBTQIA+ Highlight "Golden Butterfly"

Have you ever tried to look into my eyes? (Brazil-PR), by Tiago Felipe

Breaking ground (Ruanda), by Inès Girihirwe

special prize:

Hawalari (Brasil-GO), by Cássio Domingos

Kaiser Trophy by ABCA to the Best Animation Film

Night Bus (Taiwan), by Joe Hsieh

honorable mention: 

Scars (Canada/France), by Alex Anna

ABD Prize (Associação Brasileira de Documentaristas e Curtas-Metragistas)

Latin American showcase films: 

Motorcyclist's happiness won't fit into his suit (Mexico), by Gabriel Herrera

honorable mention: 

Correspondencia (Chile/Spain), by Carla Simón and Dominga Sotomayor

Limit Showcase: 

Open Mountain (Colômbia), by Maria Rojas Arias