Kids and Teens Showcase

This year's Kids and Teens Showcase brings a little of the best in cinema for children, teenagers, young people, and adults of all ages. These are films with a diversity of styles, genres, producing countries and themes, with emphasis on environmental care and the defense of collective and individual freedoms, divided into two children's programs and a youth program.

The children's program PLANET CHILD is made up of eight short films selected from the thousands of entries for the Festival this year. Mostly, they show children as the greatest allies of fauna and flora across the planet. They are the ones who create dialogues between human beings and their habitat, they are the ones who give examples of how human beings can insert themselves in a nondestructive way with life on the planet. And all in a very fun and engaging way.

In the children's program MAKING CINEMA AT HOME, the children themselves created, recorded, acted and edited scenes about what we can do for the environment inside our own homes. They are children from public schools in the city of São Paulo who, by participating in audiovisual workshops organized by Kinoforum Workshops, transformed their homes into film sets. Children who created their own works to be seen and heard by all of us. Unmissable!

The juvenil GIRLS FIGHT program, also selected from those enrolled, reveals several struggles that youth, and especially women, promote for justice, diversity, human rights, science and freedom. There are six short films for young people and about young people from various countries around the world.