International Showcase

From more than 2,154 films submitted for the International Showcase this year, we selected the 38 films that make up our eight programs, a small sample of what the cinematographic planet has produced in these two troubled years.

Produced or finalized in the pandemic, they demonstrate the liveliness of the short format, which allows a quicker adaptation to circumstances and with which filmmakers can express all their fantasy and creativity.

All the films presented here are, in some way, the result of the battle that each filmmaker had to fight to continue creating despite the circumstances. São Paulo International Short Film Festival is together in this fight to continue showing you what the short planet has done best in this regard.

This small selection of films is not intended to represent but rather to give a taste of this cinema that is still more alive, more original, more creative than ever.

In this unique moment in recent history, in which the population had to remain confined at home, cinema became a companion of our restrained lives and an exceptional window for us to continue travelling to other dimensions.