Latin American Showcase

While the world continues to face the challenge of overcoming the Covid-19 pandemic and its enormous effects on the human condition, in Latin America this confrontation takes place amid a great social upheaval spread throughout the region, which is immersed, from Mexico to Chile, in its particular battles.

These two countries specifically bring unique views on their historical moments within the Latin American Showcase: a Mexico marked by violence reflects on the depth of its wounds, while Chile explodes in the unprecedented commotion of its people facing a past that insists on taking over the reins of the country. Within this context, memory emerges as a theme and as an instrument: a photo, a woman, a mountain – different elements intersect to reconstruct and re-signify the past. Political and historical aspects are indelibly mixed with the personal and the intimate ones.

But there is not only introspection and melancholy in the panorama of the Latin American short: from Cuba to Uruguay, from Colombia to Costa Rica, there is also encounter, humor, lightness and human warmth. And this convergence, reinforcing an inherent characteristic of the continent's spirit – its strong and creative capacity for reinvention – shows that its cinema is still pulsating, more alive than ever.